Saturday, March 12, 2005

We're moving

and I'm going crazy!!! This was to be a gradual move. At least what my husband said. But we're moving everything today. It's alright I guess. We get a bigger place and a yard so at least it will be worth it for the kids. The only thing I'm dreading is the 2 hour commute.
Things have been a little crazy. Most of the family is getting over being sick. Daniel had to miss his first T-ball game cause he got pink eye again!!!!
The ER has been quiet. Nothing to exciting. Just a bunch of people who can't wait for the doctor's office to open.
Anyways, gonna go. Got to get things ready for the move. Wonder if the apartments can keep the kids.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

I Finally....

I finally got to clean my living room carpets and I now believe I should clean them every three months instead of six. I can't wait to see what the kids room will be like. Right now, the carpet is full of fish food. You think you put everything out of a 2 yr old's reach....but if it's not locked it's fair game.
I also finally got to cut Lilliana's hair. Can't tell if it's crooked. Everyone thought I did a pretty decent job since little ones can't sit still.
Daniel's opening day for Little League was great. Nice weather and the fields were in pretty decent shape. I have to say his team is well behave since most of them is 4 years old. Thank goodness there are still parents who teach their children to behave and have manners. For a while, I thought manners and good behavior was gone.
I went to the services for Mr. Parkson as well today. It was a very nice service. They even played the Marine Corps song for him. I had to agree with everyone...he was the man you'll always come to respect.
The only thing I didn't get to do was to sleep. But oh well...eventually I'll get there.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

It's stopped, for now..

We finally have a break in this wacky weather. Mt. Baldy and Big Bear can be seen from my porch and they're both powdered with snow. Mt. Baldy looks like the level dropped at 3,500 feet. It is so beautiful. I'm wondering what Wrightwood look like right now. Maybe I'll finally get Daniel to go snowboarding for spring break this year.
The commute back home was pretty awful. The 71 is now a single lane with pot holes all over the place. Cal Trans will probably temporary fix it and make it a lot worst then before when this next storm comes through. Chino Hills Parkway is single lane eastbound due to muddy hillside. I wonder what makes people buy hillside homes in California. Granted it doesn't rain as much as it did this time, but aren't they afraid of big earthquakes, knowing their homes could go kurplop into the valley below?
Lilliana went to see her ortho today. Her fracture is healing good and hoping she'll have no more falls. Told Dr. Puniak it's unlikely. She loves to climb anything and everything. I think she's going to be my daredevil.
I did have a nice time seeing all my friends back there, though. Kinda miss working in that office. I did get bad news again and I told them I can't wait for this month is over. One of them is going to find out if she has lymphoma and the other lost her dad. I thought February was suppose to be a good month? You know, with all the love that goes around, husbands are forgiven and wives are spoiled; nothing else could go wrong, right?.
Daniel has gotten his first big trouble in school. Going to have to put him back on Strattra again. I guess he's tired of trying to control his ADHD. I hope it's just a phase and no one bothering him. He try to be a "big boy" for me and no matter what I say he wants to handle his own problems. Talk about growing up for a 6 yr old.
ER has been slow thank goodness. And hopefully I get some sleep this week. My MRI has thrown a loop in my daily sleeping schedule. But it'll be worth it. I'll finally will know how bad my shoulder really is. I should have gotten it checked out when it first started to hurt, cause now, regardless, it's athroscopy and possible debridement. OUCH!!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

When it rains, it pours

I always hated Februarys. Valentine's is overrated and for some reason things like to fall apart once you receive info on your tax returns.
Yesterday, shopping with my mother, we found out a family friend passed away. It's been hard. Mr. Parkson had Alzhiemer's and his system finally shut down. What makes it so hard, is that my husband's grandmother, who raised him, has it as well. Both, progressed so fast that in a blink of a eye things are going downhill. I'm waiting for his grandfather to tell me what is actually going on. We know that she took a fall after Thanksgiving, breaking her shoulder and hand and last month had bladder surgey to control the incontience but failed. It's such a horrible disease and so hard to watch your love ones go this way. I cried so hard yesterday, no only for Mrs. parkson and her family, my father, who was so close to him, but for my husband. Knowing the pain he'll go through. It was hard last year when we visited her in April. She didn't even know our names!!! There's only eight more days left of this month and I'm praying they'll go fast. Don't think my heart could take any more sorrow. It's bad enough this headache won't go away from crying so much.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

It's raining, it's pouring

The rain has been here and it's still here. We just had t-storms in Chino Hills. They've been going since 6:30 this morning. The freeways are a mess. Potholes everywhere, flooding, and people who still want to speed and cut everyone off is still going. Had to go onto the CHP website for curiosity and it's horrible. And it's going to be like this until Wednesday.ARRRUUGGGH! Of course, my kiddos are going crazy. The rain is affecting the satellite and they can't watch their cartoons. Guess I'll put in a DVD. Thank God for Disney! The ER was quiet last night and I'm glad I'm not working this weekend. The 210 is awful in the rain and the last time it rain, we had 4 runs come in. It's horrible when that happens. It's like all of a sudden people with simple colds want to come in because they don't want to wait for their doctor or use their common sense to stay at home and rest. Who wants to stay in the ER for 2-3 hours for a cold when you can be in a nice warm bed? Then on top of they complain why it's taking so long. Jeez --- It's like to them, who cares about a person who is having chest pains. People have no patience or the common courtesy of others. What happen to manners? Anyways, Daniel's pink eye has finally gone and I'm looking forward to having some piece of quiet. Having him home with his sister has been like World War 3 in this house. "Mine!,No, Mine!, Mommy!!!" Wonder if your hand can become callous from spanking?:) Luckily with all the hitting they do to each other, they're still alive. Well, I think I'll start cleaning this house. Nothing else to do. Guess I can forget working on my brakes. Thank heavens for a 3rd vehicle. But then again, I could go over to my parents' house and work on them there, then again with my luck I could get stuck in flood waters or blow a tire out from the potholes. Better stay home.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Wow! Pretty Cool

I heard about this web site on my way from work, listening to KROQ. (someone actually transcribes the whole Kevin and Bean show!!!)Thought, maybe I should check this out.
So far, it's been pretty cool. Kinda makes me feel that I'm not the only one who's going insane. But it has been awesome to see what some of my alma mater have been up to. Like one, I can't believe a 10 year reunion is right around the corner.
I have 2 kiddos, both who suffer the episode of conjunctivitis. (My older child just had a repeat episode, arrragggghhh!) The other is just mending a fracture clavicle. (Never underestimate the strenght of your dining room table nor let your husband watch your kids while you're sleeping.)
I can say I'm comfortably married. Happiness is overrated. But I am glad I do wear the pants in the family(and yes, my husband will admit it.)
My career is somewhat interesting. I work graveyards in a ER and yes, I've seen and heard all. In fact, I had a nurse tell me how a hamster gets up someone's exit only hole! Neither to say, my mother never prepared me for that story!!
I'm hoping that I'll have time to keep this up. Maybe, when I can't go to sleep on a "normal" night, I'll see if writing a "blog" will help me drift off to dreamland (as long as the youngest stays in bed).